PC IMPRESS Skills Portfolio


The intention and the reason of this tool is to serve as a framework for self-assessment, career planning, and preparation for job interviews. It is designed to help young people taking part in international mobility projects, which will record skills developed during mobility program. It is a personal record of accomplishments that should reflect true abilities, skills and accomplishments.


  • To record the learning process in terms of competences before, during and after a mobility experience
  • To become aware of weaknesses and strength about transversal skills.
  • To be well prepared for taking part in a job interview.

Description of the planned execution

The skills portfolio consists of the descriptions of abilities in each of the skill areas. The youngster responses to statements that will show his competencies. He/she is invited to give concrete examples of how he/she acquired them, whether during previous experiences or during your mobility project.

The skills portfolio documents are divided as such:

  • Before mobility: this part contains 8 major skills, divided into skills sets and suggested tools to be used in order to identify a given skill. Then, there are questions/statements which enable users to express and record the skills and competences they have. It is also a possibility to identify gaps in skills and create a plan for enhancing the weak areas during mobility.
  • During mobility: the youngster will record himself/herself the activities he/she perform during their own internship or volunteer project (create workshops for kids, etc.) and put words on it to valorise these competences. He/she assess how well he is progressing in improving his weak areas. The assessment comes from both a participant (self-reflection) and a manager/PM (assessment).
  • After mobility: participant fill in a questionnaire, write down competences acquired during mobility. A comparison is made between the starting point and after mobility to check what progress has been made.
  • Skills Glossary:  the glossary divided into 4 categories: action verbs, values, nouns and adjectives. The participant can use the words to valorise your competencies.


It is very important to be honest with itself.


  • Materials:
    • pen or pencil
    • printed questionnaires
  • Venue: indoor
  • People: individuals
  • Target group: youngsters back from a medium-long term mobility experience
  • Time: at least 20 minutes for each questionnaire