Upon return from mobility

Here you will find a presentation of the evaluation tools which will help project officers during the final evaluation phase. The purpose of the tools is to help showcase and capitalise the mobility experience.

The tools aim to encourage participants to think about their learning pathway, to evaluate their mobility experience, to progress from the evaluation interview to the capitalisation phase, to encourage the young people to prepare for the future, to showcase their knowledge and to identify the skills which are in demand in the employment market.

 All the tools have been classified by category according to their specific purpose:

·       Evaluation tools

·       Capitalisation tools

The intellectual ouputs contains some existing tools covered by copyright; the aim of this guide is only to categorize these existing tools and not to promote their use, that can be done only asking explicit permission to the owner of the tool. The PC IMPRESS partnership doesn’t take any responsibility on any abuse of utilisation of these tools.