Youthpass certificate

Youthpass is a European recognition tool designed for young workers.


It has been set up under Youth in Action programme and launch in July 2007, as an instrument of validation and recognition of the learning experience. In 2013, almost one million Youthpass were issued across Europe.

The Youthpass certificate provides recognition of formal, non-formal and informal knowledge gain through participation in a working experience abroad.

It enables young workers to describe what they have done and show what they have learnt abroad, under a standardized shape.

Then, Youthpass has 3 mains outcomes:

  • A certificate which confirms the participation of a young person/a participant taking part in a valuable experience abroad.
  • A certificate that describes the activity as such and the involvement of the young person/participant.
  • And the more sophisticated answer is that Youthpass and the linked political context offer recognition of non-formal learning.

Youthpass consist in 3 different parts:

  • A confirmation of participation and a general description of the activity
  • A description of the activity the young person took part in
  • The description of the learning outcomes

Specific objectives of the tool

Youthpass certification relies on the 8 key competences for lifelong learning, European Reference Framework:

  • Communication in the mother tongue
  • Communication in foreign languages
  • Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
  • Digital competence
  • Learning to learn
  • Social and civic competences
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural awareness and expression

On top of it, it is a unique form that help communicate on skills, competencies and know how gain abroad, in order to make it understandable and reflected learning outcomes.

Youthpass certificate is a product (something concrete and tangible that proof mobility added value) and a process (participant go through different steps to create it).

Type of mobility targeted

Youthpass certificate is relevant for EVS, youth workers mobility, and trainees (training courses).

More precisely, the certificates can be issued to participants in projects funded by the ‘Youth in Action’ programme (2007-2013) and Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020).

Who’s the user?

Youthpass benefits to a wide range of young people from different backgrounds and to the fewer opportunity target groups.

However, the implementation of a Youthpass certificates involved several stakeholders:

  • Educational institutions
  • Local authorities
  • Young workers and trainees
  • Employers …
  • Sometime young people don’t see relevance and can find it hard to record the achievement.

How to fill it out?

The registration is online,

Once you’ve got your personal account

In the third part, young people need mentor Practical description of the way to handle the tool:

Established practice related to this tool

Youthpass is not only a certificate of participation, it enables all participants in international mobility to be encouraged to:

  • define their learning goals at the beginning of their involvement
  • review how they are learning during the process and adjust their learning goals as necessary
  • reflect on their learning individually and with others after the activity has finished, and
  • Ensure that they have a written record, not only of their participation, but also of their learning outcomes.

Youthpass is a not a formal accreditation

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