The mobility booklet

The mobility booklet

Objectives of the tool

The implementation of the mobility booklet enables the participants to think about the competencies that may be strengthened during the mobility period, prior to the departure and thus build a coherent project.

Also, it’s a portfolio/folder containing all the practical and useful documents and information for a stay abroad.

Finally, it’s a way to promote and highlight the experience gained through the preparation of the mobility.

The Mobility Booklet is an educational support tool created by ADICE in 2008.

It gathers in a folder several useful forms for international mobility preparation and for the return. All the steps described below correspond to the standard pedagogical scheme of a mobility project developed with ADICE, the mobility booklet is implemented on the basis of the mobility passport previously mentioned.

The mobility booklet is divided as following:

  • Part 1 : Mobility passport Sheet N°1 : Curriculum Vitae Sheet N°2: Presentation letter Sheet N°3: Linguistic tests Sheet N°4: My project
  • Sheet N°5: Host country and context Sheet N°6: Online Europe Quiz Sheet N°7: Discovery Day
  • Sheet : Validation of the passport Part 2: Rights and duties Mobility agreement
  • Insurance guide
  • Duties and rights of mobility actors
  • Part 3: Pre-departure training
  • Presentation of the training and pedagogical tools
  • Part 4: Finalization of the project
  • Sheet: Project Contracts
  • Part 5: Follow-up/Evaluation/Capitalization
  • Follow-up
  • What can I do after my mobility experience? Europass/Youthpass

Type of mobility targeted

The mobility booklet is relevant for any kind of mobility, in any sector, field of activity or training.

Who’s the user?

The main user is the participant in an international mobility project under the supervision of the project manager.

The Mobility Booklet can be presented to any employers or to the hosting organization as the reflection of the participant’s project and involvement.

How to fill it out?

The Mobility Booklet is fulfilled by the participant (written forms) along with its progression of the mobility preparation under the supervision of the project manager.

Since he is the owner of the mobility booklet, he can customize it the way he wants to promote the mobility process.

Established practice related to this tool

The mobility booklet gather all the useful information collected by the participant during the preparation phase

It’s an interesting tool for promoting of the experience abroad, as an annex of a job application or during a job interview to illustrate the experience. Also, all the forms are ready to be shared with the hosting organization.


livret-de-mob-1 livret-de-mob-2

Additional information

The mobility booklet is implemented on the basis of the mobility passport.

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