Mobility experience capitalisation platform

Welcome to the PC IMPRESS mobility experience capitalisation platform.

Here you will find the information and documents you need in order to capitalise skills gained as part of a European mobility programme.

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Create your

This section provides access to the skills portfolio used and gained within the framework of a project which allows people involved in a mobility project to evaluate and capitalise their skills before, during and after their mobility project.

In order to access this section, you will require a username and a password.

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Tools for valorizing international mobility

This section will allow you to access all of the documents created regarding a given project; it can be downloaded, thus allowing you to provide full support to your participants in terms of capitalising their skills.

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Download area

There are six intellectual output developed, tested and finalized by the partnership.

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Guide for evaluation and capitalisation meetings

The guide for evaluation and capitalization meetings with participants after their mobility is the fourth intellectual outputs of the Erasmus + PC IMPRESS strategic partnership. The guide can now be downloaded.

This guide aims at being an innovative tool for whoever works in mobility programs and manages young people with fewer opportunities taking part in mobility experiences abroad.

It contains guidelines for project managers to be followed during the final evaluation phase, at the return of young people from their mobility experiences.

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Why do I need a Skills portfolio?

The intent of the Skills Portfolio is to serve as a framework for self-assessment, career planning, and preparation for job interviews. It is designed to help young people taking part in international mobility projects, which will record skills developed during mobility program. It is a personal record of your accomplishments, therefore it should reflect your true abilities, skills and accomplishments.

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How can you find the words to showcase your skills?

Often, participants in mobility projects do not think to relate what they have learnt to their official qualifications. They gain a large amount of information which is not viewed as knowledge or skills in the personal or professional domains per se.

Here is a lexicon of words which can be helpful….

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What your employer expects from you?

In order to get a better sense of how the labour market values these skills developed outside of the formal learning environment/during an international mobility, PC Impress project partners carried out the survey among 100 employers from 5 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Poland and The Netherlands) from October 2015 to January 2016.

The main aim of the survey was to understand the expectations and needs of employers in the term of transversal skills for young people who have completed an international mobility.



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